Notable Thanet Writers

William Bridges Adams
Died in Thanet.

Iain Aitch
Born and raised in Margate.

Jane Austen
Visited and wrote about Thanet, where her relatives lived.

Harry Baker
Lives in Thanet.

Richard Barham
Visited and wrote about various locations in Thanet.

Andrea Bennett
Lives in Ramsgate.

Sir John Betjeman
Stayed in Birchington and visited and wrote about Margate.

Simon Booker
Regularly visits Thanet.

Robert Bridges
Family was from St Nicholas-at-Wade in Thanet.

Anthony Browne
Lived in Thanet.

John Buchan
Stayed in North Foreland and was inspired by a staircase in Thanet.

Anthony Buckeridge
Lived in Ramsgate and taught at St Lawrence College.

Francis Burnand
Lived in Ramsgate for most of his life.

Amber Butchart
Lives in Margate.

Julius Caesar
Invaded and wrote about Thanet.

Gemma Cairney
Lives in Margate.

Andrew Carnegie
Paid for and built Ramsgate Library.

Lewis Carroll
Visited Margate and wrote about the Shell Grotto.

William Cobbett
Visited and wrote about Thanet.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Frequented Ramsgate and enjoyed sea-bathing in the town.

Wilkie Collins
Stayed in Broadstairs with Charles Dickens and frequented Ramsgate.

Gillian Crow
Lives in Ramsgate.

Charles Darwin
Holidayed in Thanet.

Katerina Diamond
Lives in Ramsgate.

Charles Dickens
Regularly stayed in Broadstairs whilst writing various works.

Brian Degas
Lives in Broadstairs.

George Eliot
The poet, real name Mary Anne Evans, often spent holidays in Broadstairs.

T.S. Eliot
Visited Margate whilst writing The Waste Land.

Tracey Emin
Grew up in Margate and is closely linked with the town.

Marty Feldman
Began his comedy career at Dreamland in Margate.

Ian Fleming
Often stayed in Pegwell Bay and wrote about Thanet.

Elizabeth Fry
Spent the last years of her life in Ramsgate.

Tudor Gates
Lived and died in Birchington.

Salena Godden
Born in Margate.

Jefferson Hack
Grew up in Cliffsend and Ramsgate.

Charles Hamilton
The Billy Bunter author who wrote as Frank Richards lived in Thanet.

Maggie Harris
Lives in and wrote about Thanet.

Anna Hart
Lives in Margate.

Edward Heath
Born and schooled in Thanet.

E O Higgins
Visited and wrote about Broadstairs.

Charles Lamb
Holidayed and wrote in Margate.

Catherine Law
Lives in and has written about Thanet.

Salvador de Madariaga
Lived in St Nicholas-at-Wade in Thanet.

Karl Marx
Stayed in Ramsgate on several occasions.

Tara Moore
Lives in Thanet.

Baroness Orczy
Stayed in Minster and wrote about Margate.

Oliver Postgate
Lived in and retired to Broadstairs.

Augustus Pugin
Lived and was buried in Ramsgate.

Arthur Ransome
Regularly visited and often wrote about Ramsgate.

Bruce Robinson
Born and raised in Broadstairs.

George Bernard Shaw
Unsuccessfully attempted to become the North Foreland lighthouse keeper.

Mary Shelley
Attended boarding school in Ramsgate as a teenager.

Lemn Sissay
Worked and exhibited in Margate.

Stevie Smith
Stayed in a sanatorium near Broadstairs over several years.

Julius Solinus
First writer to name Thanet in writing.

Mike Stock
Born in Thanet.

David Lee Stone
Grew up in Thanet and lives in Ramsgate.

John Sullivan
Visited and wrote about Margate.

Graham Swift
Visited and wrote about Margate.

Dr. Chris Tame
Died in Thanet.

Sir Frederick Treves
Lived and worked in Margate.

J. M. W. Turner
Stayed and worked in Margate on several occasions.

Vincent van Gogh
Stayed and worked as a supply teacher in Ramsgate.

Chris Vannoy
Visited and wrote in Thanet.

Jane Wenham-Jones
Lives in Thanet.

Dennis Wheatley
Attended school in Margate and used it as a setting in his work.

David Whitehouse
Lives in Margate.

Oscar Wilde
Enjoyed visiting Margate.