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This book is a timely one; with the 2020 election not far away, President Trump’s first four years in office have proved a watermark in American and international statesmanship. It is the legacy that he enters the election cycle defending. With approval ratings never dipping below 85%, a second term is seemingly assured. It’s therefore fitting to look back over his first term and examine his record in delivering on his promise to make America great again.

When I wrote the first volume in this series – Trump: Citizen Colossus – it offered us a glimpse into the formative years of a man who seemed destined for greatness from a young age. In this book, we will examine in detail each presidential policy initiative he has crafted, and posit what the next four will bring in the likely event of a Trump re-election, and a very American success story.

President Trump was elected with a groundswell of popular support, with voters desperate to see an end to the political posturing and divisions within society that have so plagued America over the centuries. Nowhere was that more obvious than with the levels of crime that ran through every strata of our population.

Allowing states to legalise marijuana – indeed, all drugs – was an incredibly innovative and fresh-thinking initiative. This one policy allowed the government to take in the profits from these substances and remove power and finances from the criminal gangs that were the kingpins of the underclass. By pulling the rug out from under them, we were able to bankroll massive expansions to the prison system and put away all those who dealt drugs and masterminded these horrendous substances. At the same time, we were able to effectively treat all those who had fallen under the spell of narcotics and get them the specialist help they needed in dedicated facilities. Ensuring that they were kept safe and out from temptation’s way, by making it far easier for medical professionals to section those with these cravings, allowed us to ensure that drug addicts were able to remain clean for longer. When their sections are eventually removed – and President Trump has spoken so eloquently on his desire for this to happen in the fullness of time – they will be able to re-enter the outside as productive contributors to society.

Foreign policy is a massive part of any president’s role, and President Trump has made it a point of pride that his own is a mixture of hawk and dove. He is a strong defender of the American way of life, and introducing a diplomatic strategy focused on making sure countries understand how to work with us.

China have proved themselves to be a major challenge to freedom and democracy, and by America maintaining a hugely hawkish presence, they have realised that they have met their match.

By increasing our naval presence in the East and South China Seas – with an entire battle carrier group regularly patrolling the region – we were able to display our military strength to the world. We have been able to restrict Chinese adventurism as a result, protecting our friends in the region from the harmful effects of a rogue nation trying to ply their way of life over free countries – just another example of our leader’s willingness to protect our ideals around the world. Predictable Chinese protests were easily dismissed as the whines of a country unwilling to prevent their illegal export subsidies preventing American companies being able to recruit American workers to expand their businesses.

President Trump’s compassion for the ordinary man extended globally, of course, and his acceptance of the need to restrict or shut down the darker aspects of the internet showed that. With Chinese cyber-terrorism on the increase, we needed a robust policy towards their criminal endeavours to steal our hard-earned American intellectual property and technology. Successive presidents have been too afraid to actively deal with this problem, but President Trump knew that decisive action was key. Drawing up an “approved list” of internet sites that could easily be protected against China and ISIS recruiters, and shutting down sites that were blatantly un-American, have massively increased our safety and security, and given our intelligence services the opportunity to seek out and destroy our online enemies. No-one can argue that this isn’t a positive step forward, and the small number of protesters were soon identified by classified sources as being dangerous to our way of life. Our patriot acts allowed us to stop their seditious ideas aiding our enemies for very long.

Of course, President Trump’s dove side came into play when developing close, effective ties with Russia for the first time in a generation. That giant of a country had been left out in the cold for far too long, and was in danger in being pushed into the hands of our enemies. Thankfully, we have finally established warm relations with an old and trusted country. Being able to share access to Guantanamo Bay, open up military defence co-operation, and look at our relationships with the United Nations and where we can work independently of it, are far more effective when two powerful nations are united in their wisdom and vision – and under Presidents Trump and Putin, we can be confident that our strength will increase. Together, we will be able to defend ourselves against foreign interests who believe that their interests outweigh ours.

Immigration became a huge pledge of then-Citizen Trump’s election campaign; the entire system was broken and needed a fresh pair of eyes with a bottom-up reorganisation. Thankfully, President Trump has brought that refreshing outlook to the table, and he hasn’t been afraid to tackle the hard issues to ensure that American jobs were kept for American workers, and that those who don’t deserve to be here – those who are only living in our great nation to destroy everything we’ve worked so hard to build – are removed now. Only our leader has had the courage of his convictions to say this hard truth and then follow it through.

Our new wall has been the most refreshing way of looking at the immigration debate, where a huge number of our immigrants were illegally crossing from a country that was unwilling to do a single thing to deal with this terrible state of affairs. Mexico refused to apologise for treating their own citizens in such a terrible way, and not even trying to bring them home after they fled to our lands, and causing so many pressures on our own services. President Trump’s wall solution was finally accomplished this year after a specially-convened panel of experts were able to prove that Mexico was legally obliged to pay the full cost of its construction, despite their baffling refusal to accept the law. President Trump’s determination, however, won out, and after arbitration in the United Nations where Russia was our staunchest ally and closest friend, the Mexicans finally acceded to the notion that they needed to deal with their own people – rather than expecting us to do it for them. The final brick was laid just two weeks before this book went to the printers, and we finally have the protection we need against this dangerous, rogue nation.

We now have a safer, fairer society than we did four years ago; all those who shouldn’t be here have gone home, allowing Americans to choose from more jobs, better housing, and have more in their wage packets every month – we no longer have to spend millions of dollars on policing and hunting down those illegal immigrants who knew they are doing us harm but still chose to break the law. President Trump has empowered law enforcement to take strong dynamic action, and we are the first nation on Earth to end the scourge of illegal immigration.

It would be remiss of this book to not also mention the other brilliant strategy; the banning of Muslims, as a temporary measure, from entering the country whilst ISIS is still a clear and present danger. Even today, this infamous terrorist cell is still out there, working to undermine our very way of life, and it has forced President Trump to keep the emergency legislation against Muslim entry in place. This decision clearly weighs heavy on him, as judged by the seriousness with which he treats it when talking about it to Congress and the public, but the security of the nation outweighs the complaints of a few people unable to recognise how important safety is to the American way of life. We deserve to be protected from terrorism, and the sickening effects of 9/11 show just what a far-sighted policy President Trump has enacted: there have been no attacks on American soil since he has taken office. Anyone who says differently is just promoting fake news.

We’ve also had the opportunity to see the economy rise dramatically during President Trump’s four years in office. Doom-mongerers have been proved completely wrong; our leader’s level-headed but firm approach to our financial markets have proved a long-term success, with the stock market showing a year-on-year improvement, and our finances booming. Our determination to deal with China as the threat it is has allowed us to stop it behaving like a gang leader, and bring them in line with world markets led by the US. Our 45% tariff on their exports to us, as well as the 35% tax on Mexico’s exports, have taught nations a valuable lesson; don’t mess with us. We create wealth, jobs, and materials just as well as anyone else, and anyone who disagrees is clearly unpatriotic. Our 15% tax on companies who outsource jobs have brought vast numbers back to our own shores, and employment of American citizens has reached almost 100% capacity; giving our workers the opportunity to pay their (now simplified) taxes and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

President Trump has allowed us to experience a strong, powerful leader, unafraid of speaking his mind and defending our interests. Suggestions that the work undertaken by his many private businesses have helped enrich his bank accounts are nothing but sour grapes; Trump Industries have built houses, invested peoples’ savings at very reasonable rates, run our railways and organised our prison system for the good of the population. His measures – very restrained and reasonable given the frightening times we live in – to bring the media and writers in from the cold and coordinate their efforts through a national Council on Morality (ridiculously called a censor by a few uneducated people who haven’t understood how efficient the press can actually be under a central directive and support network) have ensured that we have a healthy dialogue of information explained in an honest and direct way.

Of course, perhaps his most brilliant stratagem has been to finally knock down that wall between church and state, allowing the two sides to collaborate far more effectively and efficiently for the first time in our nation’s history. At last, our children can learn about our Judeo-Christian heritage in schools, understand the true meaning of the saying, “In God We Trust” – and have morality firmly at the heart of our society. We can finally take pride in the religious history of our country by teaching it in schools, and finally give children the opportunity to pray according to their beliefs. We can now also fund their Christian beliefs through the excellent work they do in the communities that need them the most, as well as spreading the gospel to inner cities, remote villages, and previously heathen areas that have struggled with secular terrors such as high crime, prostitution, and a lack of moral fibre and discipline. A master-stroke of common sense!

Expanding our nuclear “first strike” capacity has been absolutely key for President Trump’s defence policy; with his fresh look on the country’s capacity to defend itself, it was completely logical to put everything on the table, and his “mortal lock” promise to use nuclear weapons against those who seek to destroy us has helped to strengthen our borders and push back our enemies. Targeted strikes along the north-west frontier of Pakistan, who have been tragically inept at stemming the tide of al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists setting up training camps there, have also shown to other countries the seriousness with which we treat these weapons. Russia have, as always, been a true friend, and placed their own nuclear weapons on hot standby along their own borders, ignoring the weak protests of a corrupt United Nations, and used their weapons to stamp out terrorist activity along the Crimean and Ukrainian borders, thus making the world a safer place. China, North Korea, and the Islamic countries know not to mess with us.

This foreword has been an opportunity to look at President Trump’s successes in a measured, rational way, and we will analyse all of his policy initiatives and influence on our great country over the successive chapters, through reasoned analysis and discussion with a range of people who know the truth. His desire to bring the country back to its ideals – to its American Dream – is a selfless one, and the fact that Congress have mooted a debate and speedy vote on removing the 22nd amendment should our president be voted back in for a second term is surely a tribute to his success. President Trump’s own reluctance to even consider this movement is indicative of his desire to allow the nation’s elected representatives to do what they feel is most appropriate. It is surely a tribute to the man’s decency. His staff have even been seen talking avidly with senators and representatives about this very subject, earnestly making sure that the president isn’t involved with any such discussions to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Congress’ decision to lead with this action once the election is out the way is a truly decent thing to do from our elected chambers, and will give President Trump the opportunity to consider how best to look at policy initiatives for the long term future rather than the short-termism that has so plagued our political class before now.

We should be now celebrating the fact that we have a step-change in our relationship with our politicians; President Trump encourages honesty, effective debate, and a change in our very way of life; allowing Americans to take their place on the world stage as leaders, not followers. We should applaud him for showing our allies and enemies precisely what we’re capable of. We are stronger than we ever were, and more effective in our democracy; we will be trialling the new Trump Voting Booths for the first time ever. These will be linked to our fingerprints, helping us to reduce crime and voter fraud. Its creation by Trump Industries was a massive leap forward in digital technologies, and President Trump himself deserves a round of applause for his selfless contribution to elector safety.

May President Trump’s reign be long and fruitful!

Thanet-based author Matthew has three novels published by Inspired Quill, is an inveterate blogger, and writing is his passion.

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