The Search

A recollection of the events and consequences of the morning of October 31st.

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It was the morning of October 31st.

Out of the wolf light of dawn they came like a swarm of fireflies. Descending from the heavens. It was as if the stars were falling from the sky to outrun the coming daylight.

The few individuals crazy enough to be up at that early hour stood motionless, mesmerised by the beaming cascade that gave no sign of the coming danger.

To this day (whatever day this may be) I still have not the faintest idea what sixth sense came to me and told me to run. Many a time I’ve wished I ignored that instinct and shared the fate that befell the others.

There is nobody else. Not a single soul. There is no longer the sound of crickets on hot summer nights. The silence is a constant companion on my perpetual search for another living being and an end to this torture of the senses.

For longer than I can remember, I’ve looked and seen nothing. I have wandered the desolate and lonely land. There is still sun and rain, thunder and lightning, sleet and snow. Signs that nature is still fulfilling its destiny to maintain life where it no longer exists.

The lights came, and then went, never to reappear.

I am still searching for the answer. I’ve been searching since October 31st.

David lives in Margate with his family. He is an avid reader of historical fact and fiction.

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