The Portal

Phoenix and River leave their home and squeeze through a portal into another world.

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Phoenix and River squeezed through the portal into the other world.

River watched as Phoenix’s dark ginger hair was forced backwards in the wind, whooshing against the side of his face, and then he was gone. She took a deep breath and paused. Her nerves almost had the better of her, but she knew this was no time to chicken out. She had to be strong and mighty. This was her time. She paused one moment longer and then took a run at it, feeling the fresh air hit her face and all her senses awaken. There was no going back now.

She opened her eyes and took in the sights around her. Beautiful big blades of green grass as far as the eye could see. A giant tree in full bloom with a vine twisted round its core—both clinging on for dear life. She felt exhilarated, breathing in the sweet smell of the grass and flowers, and moving further away from the portal door. She took in the air as if she could almost taste it. She was young, youthful, and silly. Life and inexperience bloomed out of her, but she was beautiful with shiny black long hair flowing in the wind.

Suddenly she was scared. Bird noises echoed round her head, and she noticed the buzz of creatures in the air. They were going about their business, but she was suddenly alone and felt herself tremble. The portal door was out of sight and the loud hum in the air petrified her. She’d never experienced this type of sound before, and she shook her head, desperately searching for Phoenix to come and rescue her.

Before she knew what was happening, something darted into her side and took a nosedive into the grass. Phoenix appeared as if from nowhere, pinning down the strange creature with his large body. River stumbled backwards at the sight of the struggle and watched as eventually the creature broke free and disappeared back into the air. She felt a strange compulsion to chase after it but stayed where she was, still nervous and a little shy.

Phoenix turned and headed back in the direction of the portal. River took one last deep breath and ran after him, away from the unknown and back towards the comfort of home. They both ran through as fast as possible and exploded back into the familiarity and safeness of their Ramsgate home.

‘I wondered where you’d been—I was so worried!’

They were greeted with a warm embrace and a friendly face. River took a sideways look at Phoenix and leapt on him, rolling him across the floor. They played together, finished a large of bowl of biscuits before curling up on the bed in the deep sleep that only a cat can manage.

Lucy is a writer from Ramsgate. She works full time running her own business and enjoys reading, writing and music.

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