A Predictable Ending

Two young men talk on a train about a mutual friend’s relationship.

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“Yeah. Yeah. That’s what he said.”

He said that?”

“Yeah, man.”

“Fucking hell.”

“Yeah. Yeah, bruv. Girls like, always come up to him, man. All the time.”



A pause.

“His girl is peng, though.”


“She’s so peng, man.”


“Wasn’t he gonna marry her?”

“That’s what he said.”

“Fuck…How long have they been together now?”

Another pause.

“A long time, man. Long time. They were—”

“It was year ten right?”

“—they were—no, it was…year—”

“Year eleven?”

“Yeah…Yeah, it must’ve been. Because it was—do you remember Finn’s party?”

“Yeah, yeah—the house party, yeah?”

“Yeah. Yeah, it was Finn’s party. They hooked up at Finn’s party.”

“He’d been into her before, though.”

“Oh yeah, man. For sure.”

“Yeah. So that’s what? Three years? Four?”

“Hang on…it was year eleven, then…then two years of sixth form, then—”

“Then now, right? Then first year of uni? So four years?”

“Nah, because…because gap year, right? We all took a year out.”

“She didn’t.”

“Yeah, but we all did.”

“Okay, yeah. So that’s—”

“Five years.”

“Five years. Fuck.”


They sit in silence for a short while.

“Five years.”

“Yeah, man.”



“And girls just…come up to him?”




“Well, it’s just…Why don’t they come up to me? You know?”

“Don’t they?”

“Nah! I mean they do. Like…they do…”

“But they don’t.”


“You fucking idiot.”

“Fuck off!”

They laugh, shoulder-barging each other a little.

“So you think he’ll marry her?”

“That’s what he says.”


“What is it, bruv?”


“What is it? You’re thinking, yeah?”

“Nah. I mean, yeah. Not really. It’s just. Girls come up to him, yeah?”


“And how does he feel—how does she feel—about that?”

A pause.

“Wait…Aren’t they—”


Are they?

“Yeah. Yeah, I mean, he didn’t want to. But yeah. They are.”

“Fucking hell. How long has that been?”

“Not sure. He doesn’t…he doesn’t really go into it. Like he’s…I mean, yeah. You wouldn’t.”

“He told us he was gonna marry her.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I mean, that’s gotta be part of it.”

“Part of it?”

“Part of—I don’t mean part of it. Part of why he doesn’t want to talk about it.”

“Oh yeah. Yeah. Gotta be.”

“Gotta be.”

A pause.

“But girls are coming up to him? He says?”

“Yeah, that’s what he says.”

“On nights out?”


“Without her there?”

“I mean, you’d imagine so, bruv.”

“But he…Does he still see her?”

“Yeah. I mean, I think so. I reckon so, yeah. I don’t know if it’s like that.”



A pause.

“But girls come up to him.”


“Hmm. Sounds like he’s…like he’s making the most of it? You know?”

“I don’t know if it’s like that, either.”

An Oxford University graduate, musician, and freelance writer, Alex loves to share stories, opinions, and everything else.

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