Verification Policy

Once a user account is created on then verification can be requested. This is a secondary step where accounts are reviewed and approved by a member of Thanet Writers staff.


In addition to user account abilities including commenting and comment interaction, verified accounts are able to submit writing to for consideration for publication. Upon publication, this will create a publicly available profile page for the verified user, along with a listing on the Writers page.


To gain verified status, users must provide a short biographical statement written in third-person, along with a link to the geographical region of Thanet.


Verification is requested using the Verification Application Form. Updates to verified profiles are requested using the Update Verified Profile Form. Requests are processed within 48 hours and users are informed via email to the email address provided when creating their account.


Verified users need to provide a short bio which must meet the following criteria:

  • The bio must be written in the third-person;
  • The bio must not be time-limited (i.e. only apply for the present or immediate future, or become out of date within a matter of months or a year);
  • The bio must be accurate and truthful.

Thanet Writers reserve the right to edit bios in order to ensure they meet the above criteria, at the discretion of Thanet Writers staff.

Links and Social Media Connections

Verified users can optionally link to a website and connect their public profile to their Facebook page and Twitter handle. Websites and social media connections must meet the following criteria:

  • The website must be the user’s own website or a profile representing them as a writer on another website and be appropriate for linking;
  • The Facebook Page must be in the public writing name of the user and not of an organisation or brand, and must not be a personal profile;
  • The Twitter Handle must be in the public writing name of the user and not of an organisation or brand.

Thanet Writers reserve the right to refuse links or connections to unsuitable or inappropriate websites or social media at the discretion of Thanet Writers staff.

Terms of Writer Verification

For the benefit of these Terms, “writer” hereby refers to the individual who submits content claiming it to be their own.

By requesting verfied status the writer agrees to Thanet Writers CIC holding their name, pseudonym (if applicable), email address, biography, website and any social media links, for the duration of the existence of this website until such a time as the writer requests the removal of said data via the Data option on the Contact Page, and, if content is submitted and said content is accepted, for the duration of publication of said content, and consent to receiving updates regarding their submission status including confirmation of receipt, acceptance or non-acceptance of online publication, acceptance of print publication (if applicable), updates and notifications regarding print publication (if applicable), editorial adjustments or discussion, updates to writer profiles, changes to these terms, and any other contact deemed reasonably necessary in relation to the publication of said content. These details will not be shared with third parties and contact will only be regarding submitted content or the public profile held on or in print.