The White Rose

A tender, lyrical poem, celebrating flowers and love.

I’ll give you a white rose
Of sublime perfume
So that you move
And soak every room
With a nostalgia so sweet
For times past –
Yes: the enchanted past week

I’ll prick the petals
In radial display
Oh! This rose lasts forever,
Not just a day.

I’ll press the cup up to my lips
And swallow its core essence,
And I’ll hold a second to eternity.

I won’t let that bloom slip away;
I’ll look into the heart of the thing.
Like you it has a hushed reverence
That could make me sing, sing, sing
In higher praise
The rafters ever more to raise—raise

I’ll nestle this rose
Between my breasts
It will surely rest
With a wave of love

This blossoming hope
In its tenderest heart:
I will press the flower
To perfume the darkest night;
Like a ghost it will shimmer,
Shimmer with love.

I’ll treasure that flower
Which I’ll pass on to you;
I hope our love
Will always be true.

Joy's work has been published extensively. Her collection 'Little Musings' has been featured in a programme on Thanet Community Radio.

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