The Verdict

A poem about denial and ultimately taking responsibility for one’s role in a failed relationship.

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What will the coroner say?
Were we:
Poisoned by the first lie,
Killed by the last lie,
Did I lie to you?
Did you lie to me?

I know I lied to myself,
With the homeopath’s conviction,
That love, serially diluted,
Was still powerful,
An attraction,
Not a toxin,
Against all evidence, I believed,
That in any sparkling eye,
Glancing touch or warm smile,
That love was there,
Immeasurably strong,
Because faith and love,
Are immeasurable.

But: I lied,
It was suicide,
Not manslaughter,
That will be the verdict.

James is a pseudonym for a local writer who, after a long hiatus, is exploring poetry again.

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