The Sea and Me

A poem depicting a love of the sea and being lucky enough to be surrounded by water on three sides.

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© Mike Richardson / Used With Permission

Wild horses ride
atop violent waves
disturbing secrets
of watery graves.

When she is calm
she is almost still
as a child
I loved her
I always will.

The harbour
an opera of seagull’s cries
the rigging
a rustling chorus on high.

As I walk the quayside
in sun or rain
I find myself
by passing sail boats
fishing boats too
I love the sea
as you do.

by stories of old
and pirates’ gold.

our island
by sea
a perfect setting
water babies
like me.

As the sun goes down
the boats
sail home
when the moon
lights the sea
we are never alone.

I dedicate my poem
to those of us
who yearn
for the sea
all the fuss.

When she’s calm
she’s almost still
as a child
I loved her
I always will.

A writer.

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