The Masonry

The catapulted founding stone sped quickly and gracefully through time but now sits concrete, immovable.

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I built this with the high minded principles of Love,
and saw
a Bohemian spread of Truth amongst our shores.

There is belief that One among many
holds secret knowledge,
and we collected the bound Wisdom
to order our thoughts,
project the honed Vision,
protect the stones we laid.

Now the Keys are lost,
or secreted and overlooked,
as we speak the honed words
seeking the first step
and believing
we have taken the last.

Each soul is Won
in every Temple
and the Rite is set
That you must Believe in order to believe!

I am here
and the books that were written
to inform and guide,
are now trove
against their makers’ desire.
And the doors are locked,
ignored and feared,
with those that were Brothers meant
pastured and seared.

The founding blocks
given for progress
litter our path
and block out the light.

So we look to our elders
and it makes our hearts light higher,
sometimes sadly, sometimes gladly,
when we see any destructive Fire.

He walked all night from wayward Dartford and, seeing the lights of the tower of Margate, headed south and pitched his tent for two.

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