The Dead of Night

Travelling on a night train, a man awakes to an unwelcome visitor in the engine room.

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Here I lay above,
Beneath, my lover; fast asleep,
I hear a noise within the train,
And worries of trouble flood my brain,
I leave my lover, sleeping ’neath
To locate the noise my worries seek,
A kiss on her brow, and I slip through the door,
My bare feet now on the cold carriage floor,
Bitter to the sole, I saw my fear,
Did reflect on a black window near,
Further down, the noise grew more,
A screaming, like nothing heard before,
Deep in sound, and sound in depth,
Like a hurt gazelle that nears its death,
An inferno blasts the engine room,
White hot hell, but hell for whom?
As I traverse, on tips of toe,
The flames hurt not, and yet they grow,
And as I reach the lower world,
The blaze did part, its waves unfurl;
And there stood Death, the Queen of Cruelty,
Elegant; in all her beauty,
‘Death!’ I cry, ‘Why come for me?’
She smiles as I bend one knee,
‘My life is new, its future bright!
I don’t deserve to die tonight!’
Death stood silent, as do I
But inside I scream, am I to die?
She smiles and disappears,
The flames soon die, as do my fears,
Oh death, my Queen, you spare me now!
I laugh, and listen to the engines growl,
I think of how I did survive,
A brush with death, I was alive!
I walk back slowly; had Death been kind?
Confusion and relief within my mind,
I cannot wait to tell my wife,
The strange events that spared my life,
I kiss my lover, still in bed,
But morning found my lover dead.

Callum Blades is a writer, marketer and comedian whose career has found him working heavily within the media industry.

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