That You Would Know

Finding inspiration between the lines and the time to enjoy a flurry of exploration on a universal theme.

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© 2012 Sam Slattery / Used With Permission

That you would have seen,
that you would have known,
that you would have touched.

Then in punishment you lay
on such a thought,
which in giving takes
that is the parasite’s dream.

That what you have known
lies outside of memory,
a default crime,
by which you are judged
out of earshot.

So, we pay the dues of fantasy,
as far as we, it, buy into,
fending off the wolves
with ideas,
that were first an idea

Seek your salvation
from your peculiar God,
that seems so
and therefore is.
Hidden in walls,
a look,
a light.

We who have queued
for our dismemberment,
seeking peace,
calming our minds
against the axe-fall.

Better then to smash a cog
and at least once upon a lifetime
watch our part of the machine
spinning ineffective.

I pass this secret knowledge
to that which is now you.

He walked all night from wayward Dartford and, seeing the lights of the tower of Margate, headed south and pitched his tent for two.

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    Let your mind fly
    A flight of fantasy
    Look at badly chipped
    Talk, tell it’s story, history
    Look though others minds eyes
    Listen to others story, laters type write ’em down
    All around be inspired, by what you hear and see, who by chance you meet
    Storys, to be seen all around you, become invisible, or visible, what ever
    Stuff awaits, to be captured, by strokes of pen, by keyboard strokes
    Writers, have acts to perform!
    Ken D Williams
    The Dyslexic Wordsmith
    Member of

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