Stolen Kiss

A whimsical poem about something observed at an office party.

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Neither had faintly imagined an outcome like this:
the festive farewell, the fleeting privacy
the moment of their stolen kiss

More delicate than the roast lamb in port sauce,
more heady and complex than the abundant Merlot
the bonding of sorbet-sweetened lips took place

And was gone in the blink of a melted eye
then disconnection, a moment of puzzled exultation
a clearing of throats, then homeward-bound to separate lives

In morning’s light, by coy default the kiss was relegated to history
from where each could, in private moments settle down
as with a favourite film, and savour the memory

And smoothed by time the kiss lost its taint and turned rosy;
never truly stolen, the only fault perhaps
that it wasn’t theirs to give away

Danny Kennard lives in Cliftonville, has enjoyed writing for as long as he can remember and has had some poems published in the small press.

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