Son of a Superhero

Musing of a superhero past his prime, having handed over to his son.

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He’s all there is now between me
and a kind of oblivion.
For at time there, we were a team,
shoulder to shoulder, opposing chaos,
but lately he’s had to go it alone,
out there on the margins
holding it all together.
I like to think it’s still
the original plan but deep down
I know it’s different under his command.
There are new orders,
strange weapons.

I remain here mostly, as backup;
a sort of elder statesman,
a mascot, some would say.
We keep in touch; I insist on that.

It’s obvious to me now
I should have anticipated this
from the beginning.
And another thing I’ve noticed:
unlike me, he never talks of winning.

Tony is retired and volunteers with various groups in Faversham. He likes walking, films, short breaks and verses which he calls poetry.

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