Sommar Solstice

On the high point of the sun.

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An electric tree
that looks like it
comes to life at night
reaches over us
and fills me with silence.
The glare from the sun
is softened gradually
by the swelling clouds
teasing rain
at any moment
but now I can see you.

I am constantly realising your beauty.

We become cosmic
in every moment
we spend making kaleidoscopic shapes
out of our bodies
hidden in a space
where no one can reach us.
I’m day-dreaming,
and awake all at once.
Still, open and honest
like the white lightening
bolt branches of the night-time tree
that saw us
standing beneath its trunk
in midday’s
struggling summer sun,
not knowing either
just how far
we might make it.

Kirsty-Louise is a published author and poet with a BA hons in English Literature. Working as a Secondary English Teacher, dog walks on the coast, and reading books pass her time in Ramsgate & Margate.

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