An exploration of how admiration feels, how we pay attention, and how it can allow us to seek the good in ourselves.

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She is Sunlight;
Washing the world of its sins with warming words and soothing smiles,
A gift given from Gods greater than you or I,
To lift the unliftable without so much as a swish of Her skirt,
Her heart burning bright.

She is Nature;
Her breath bears down refreshing rays of life,
Radiance renewing the resilience wrought from the hands of the wise and unfortunate,
And though we suffer from a self-accrued strife,
Known not to flinch from our stature.

She is Timeless;
Yet youth clings to Her skin,
Yearning for years to earn a glimpse more of their share,
An eternity away from the ages been
And eons seen so soon to pass.

She is Free;
And so many lesser men wish to tame Her and make Her theirs alone,
Robbing the rest of the right to reach out
And receive the redemption Her elegant eyes may elicit
With a mere glance, to be.

She is Alone;
For powers so appropriately prominent
Are bound to be barriers and boundaries too great for mortal souls to soil and penetrate,
A cage without key to keep in,
A cell to call home.

I want to be different;
From the baying crowds praying to sap her eminent energies into themselves,
And flash her glory afar at onlookers, proud of their prize,
Then tuck her away all for their own,
To Her needs, they’re indifferent.

But I am inadequate;
You cannot give what you haven’t got, and all of nothing is still nothing,
But with nowhere to store such magnificent marvels,
She could be who She is, and still give what She gives to those in need
Without need to benefit.

I will try,
For my heart is only for Her I can’t be with another.
Though suitors may start to stand and stare up at the growing,
Glowing catastrophic divide that drives and subsides any thoughts other,
Whilst they sigh,

I will be more.
So I fall by her side and try to transform and transcend,
Metamorphosis is more than the many have managed to muster,
And so I must move further towards the truth,
Of that, I am sure.

I can be Sunlight;
And Nature,
And Timeless,
And Free.
But never Alone.

Nathan was raised in Kent, residing in his hometown of Chatham. He can often be found partaking in various hobbies, or within great company.

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