Rainbow Wolf

The complexities of mind and the choices we face.

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Inside the wolves of our mind,
Razored fangs
Spit white rays
Of bitterness to joy.

Into the mouths of colliding storms,
Where the devil inferior
Begets his war,
And all the elements fight inside.

There’s the anger envying peace,
The guilt resenting love,
Kindness overshadowing greed
And the ever-evasive truth.

There’s the humility overpowering ego,
Benevolence killing off pain,
Inferiority wrestles with pride,
And the generous stop the mean.

The war of the rainbow wolf
Is alive within us all.
The battle in our minds asks;
Which wolf will we feed?

Nick Kerry is a Psychotherapist. He has written a few poems. He combines psyche with poetry. He calls himself The Shadow Poet!

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