Puss In Snooze

A poem about our daily obstacle course - the cat - who likes to stretch across the top stair, comatose, until we attempt to step over him.

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© 2014 Teresa Whelan / Used With Permission

Dear Puss, can’t you move from up there,
Lying comatose across the top stair?
As I gingerly try to step over you,
You stand, I trip and lose a Jimmy Choo.
Suddenly-an ear piercing wail,
As now I heavily land with a thud upon your tail.

I am shocked again by your pussycat din,
It sends me right back into a spin
And now I crunch upon your paws,
Then feel the wrath of those razor sharp claws.

Your swishing tail lets me know you are cross.
You shoot me a look that says it is you Puss-you are ‘The Boss.’
Puss, if you must laze about counting sheep,
Find a safe place to curl up and sleep,
Because if you lie comatose across the top stair
You’ll get scrunched and squished beyond repair.

Teresa found writing en route to her other passion, Midwifery. She is a Thanet resident who still finds it a novelty living by the sea.

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