A poem for those girls who take without appreciation and give nothing back, and yet seem to get everything they want.

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© 2012 Sam Slattery / Used With Permission

Your voice has got posh but you can’t help swearing,
Substituted your smile for blatant glaring,
You look down your nose,
Strike a new pose,
Measuring me by what label I’m wearing.

Every time I look you’re on holiday abroad,
Easy to pay when you’re committing tax fraud,
Topping up you tan,
Juggling your man,
Rotating boyfriends by what they can afford.

Your proudest achievements come in silicone,
‘Mum of the year’ yet the kids are all alone,
You soar through the sky,
Flying mile high,
Aren’t you scared your boobs might pop on the flight home?

That cute button nose used to look like a hook,
Clothing so skimpy I don’t know where to look,
You poke out your hips,
Inject your lips,
Starving yourself for those selfies on Facebook.

Cling onto that precarious pedestal,
Think you’re something special but you’re just a fool,
Chinchilla handbag,
Pricey name tag,
If it’s designer you don’t care if it’s cruel.

You act like a princess but it’s come too late,
You’re getting close to your expiry date,
Time to tell the truth,
A forgotten youth,
We both grew up on the same council estate.

Pull off your fur coat and your snakeskin leather,
Quit saying big words you think sound so clever,
Put down the wine case,
Scrub off your face,
Because nothing so cheap can last forever.

Rebecca Delphine is a Young Adult author from Thanet.

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