Awash with the glow of the sunrise, a new day begins with the chirping of the early songbirds, trapped within their cages.

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Feathers falling in morning light
from flight, alight
embers slowly glow as turbulence dies;
too photogenic not to share,
but filters are lost in whipped air
near an open door.

Wings beating in blurring daze,
uncaged, un-phased,
this atmosphere an ethereal stage:
a literal invisible platform,
a multifaceted live stream
from performance to floor.

Breeze free from barred confines,
acclimatise, realise
the free escapee now flies
silent, no tweets or chirps;
unplugged we glide like birds
above the net and soar.

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Seb Reilly is a writer, fiction author and occasional musician. He lives by the sea in Thanet, Kent, with his family and two cats.

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