Planet Thanet

A poem of place celebrating all of Thanet and its inhabitants.

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© 2015 Flash Totty / Used With Permission

Island life, Island times
Wantsum and Stour and cauliflowered lines,
Thanet fields, Thanet shore
Dreamlanding childhoods and Lido’d crowds galore,
East Kent sun, East Kent miles
Harboured under moonlight and rum-smuggled smiles
Island life, Island times
Deckchair flapping sunsets o’er Augustine’s crumbling shrines.

Three-cornered seaside,
Chalked and flinted edge,
Sanded dawns and salted skies
Seagull cackles from every ledge.

Margate life, Ramsgate times
By Broadstairs’ and Birchington’s cliff-top climbs
Minster Abbey, Kingsgate coast
Once guest-housed and cockled with buttered-up toast,
Hermit crabs in rock-pooling homes
Vodka shots and skunk with upcycled-retro tones,
Island life, Island times
Bathing-chaired brilliance, barnacled grime.

Three-cornered seaside,
This finger-gripping ledge,
Sanded dawns and salted skies
Seagulled dreams. Life on the edge.

Sarah is a poet who currently co-hosts Writers Unleashed, a monthly writer’s open-mic evening in Thanet celebrating local talent.

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