On Passing Xemxija Bay

Xemxija Bay is a small town in St. Paul’s Bay, Malta. Xemxija (Shem-she-ya) translates as sunny.

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The boats sit idly by,
As waves move barely an inch,
Glitters from their peaks,
Whilst wind stays still as sunlight.

And I, an unknown man, pass,
Taking in the splendour, and yet,
Ignorant of what wonder
Might lie beneath.

To take a dive would be to risk
The silence of this sweet surface,
With ripples and cascades of water,
But the temptation proves too strong.

I take the plunge.
See to it that the spell is broken.
First feeling its coolness
Against my once baked skin.

Then pressure of the face meeting mine,
A touch that clings in soft embrace.
An invitation as pure as it is clear,
And so I dive, willing, into the depths.

I discover the beauty
Hidden from plain view:
Vibrant colours highlight
Jagged crevices and darker corners.

And life lives abundant,
Changing but staying as it is,
As I return to my native state,
And breathe air, fresher now than ever.

I know I can’t stay, so I’m out and away,
Chilled through to the bone and alone,
And never shall I lay eyes
On these dear treasures again.

As they fade from view,
New sadness settles in,
I wonder if I have done the right thing?
After years of thought, my verdict?

Worth the commotion to start
And the dampness thereafter
To have felt Her and known
For sure.

Nathan was raised in Kent, residing in his hometown of Chatham. He can often be found partaking in various hobbies, or within great company.

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