OK, Hello

Upon witnessing the power and damage of trial by media.

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He walks like it’s his last mile.
A green mile indeed.
There is a seed of hate in your eyes,
It’s just a speck erased from humankind.
“Good,” you say as you wish his life away.

You talk like needles line your gums,
It makes your tongue bleed.
Bleed vicious words that cut the air
And everywhere you go, you know you’ll do the same to everyone you meet.

He can hear them
And the sands of time flying by as his death nears.
Yet still you try to break him more, you paint an ‘X’ upon his door.
You chase his children naked through the streets.

And do you ask yourself, “What do I know?”
And do you ask yourself, “Where can this go?”
And can you see yourself?
I guess the answer’s no.

David Blagden is a Poet and Musician from Margate. His work is mainly observational with a focus on social sciences and politics.

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