A new friend, the elephant in the room.

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Love is all we ever needed,
but carrying their scorn in our hearts
led us
in the wrong direction.

You have to fight,
but bloodlust
bewilder a catalogue of errors.

desperate for change,
follow the path set
to an unwelcome destination.

Where are we?
The mind is succoured
by a psychic pall
that we feed.

Gather some nourishment.

insincerity builds billionaires,
who only fear
their own demise.

Hold rapid pulse,
begone smallness,
and know
that what you feel is real.
A conjugation of history,
and know
that it was written
by individuals.

Choose what you follow,
but leave fallow
the dastard pit
that spawned your fear.

I have seen you.

He walked all night from wayward Dartford and, seeing the lights of the tower of Margate, headed south and pitched his tent for two.

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