My Perfect Other

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You’re there when I need you the most.
You’re there whenever I call you.
You’re there when I need someone to be with
even when you don’t want to be.

You give me the will to keep going.
You give me the hope that things can get better.
You stop me from proposing to everyone I meet.

When you smile I can’t help but join you.
When I hurt you make the pain go away.
When the darkness looms,
you can always brighten it up again.

I’d be lost without you.
You don’t complain too much.
I need you more than I could ever tell you.
You could probably complain a little less.
Most of all,
you don’t ask for anything in return that I can’t give.
My perfect significant other,
you and I are one and you can never leave me.

My friend,
my love,
my self.

David Chitty was born and raised in Thanet in the 90s. He devotes most of his energies to writing fantasy fiction novels.

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