My Father the Giant

A children’s poem about the adventures of a Giant Boy and his Giant Father.

There once was a boy, most valiant and bold
As big as a horse, not yet 10 years old

His Father a Giant, the biggest you’d see
Together they lived in a deep dark cave
Not far from a tree

How big your belly, the boy did scream
It’s those rocks you eat all covered in cream
For breakfast, lunch and dinner too
And all the snacking in between you do

Mind your own little self,
What I eats suits my health
The rocks I ingest can be square and edgy
The cream so slick helps them reach my belly

You eat all night and you eat all day
With hardly a moment to rest or play
We haven’t been on an adventure for ages
I miss the attention and losing my patience

I’m sorry dear boy, you need to speak up
I am crunching a rock and it’s gotten stuck
Be a good little giant and get me a pick
A branch by the river should do the trick

The boy in a huff goes off through the rough
And settles himself near the stream
Alone and dejected his sad face reflected
He’s joined by an owl on a tree

Tell me winged friend, with your grace and your flair
My father the greedy-guts is not being fair
“Toowhoo,” said the owl, again “Toowhoo”
Why to me of course, he’s a big-bellied fool

Maybe I need to find something my father can eat
That won’t make him sluggish but light on his feet
A fluffly, nimble and easy concoction
Like silk or a whipped delight is an option

“Tooweet,” said the owl, again “Tooweet!”
That’s right my friend, how clever to say
With your lovely manners and plumage so sweet
“Toweet toweet,” then the owl flew away

The boy in a flurry ran back in a hurry
He knew what needed to be
I’ll tell my father to munch on the clouds
They’re fluffy and best of all ‘calorie free’

From that day forth, dear boy, dear girl
Every time you look up at the sky unfurl
When clouds disappear and the sun comes out
It is dinner time and the Giants are about
As they eat and gnaw and bite and chew
And make those holes for the sun to peak through

If clouds obscure your heavenly view
The sky is dark and dreary too
The Giants have filled their bellies, it’s true
And having adventures with a baby Giant or two

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