Morning Moon

Clinging to a moment, more vivid yet worn with every desperate repetition.

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Hush-hush moon on morning’s blue means it’s still
night time.

And daytime’s flashlight need not meddle;
gruelling sun can strike itself
not striking me till dawn comes,

While the smoky moon smiles still, it’s night,
and scorching colour can’t touch me,
and sinking feelings needn’t sink
into the province of the snubbed.

Tellies vibrant in the basements
words are louder ’cause they’re whispered;
grin and wink at red wine’s legs and
clinky dink; please pass the aura.
You cannot walk in shoes like those,
so float
on kisses still to come,
or rest
where tranquil shacks up gladly
in the shadows placed on stone-cold stones,
well-lit by evening’s fortifying twinkle.

Soft to touch
and rounder than well-licked ice cream,
morning moon will say this is
a seamless, perfect day—
since it’s still
night time.

Drifter poet: from Lancashire to Wales to London to Kent; words a constant. Published pastoral-performance-page poet and festival laureate.

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