Magic In the Mind

A poem about a magician and his rabbit, that shows why you should never trust your pet.

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“That’s a very nasty habit,”
Said the magician to the rabbit.
The rodent perked his ears,
Sat upright on his rears.
“That’s a very stupid trick.
Of which, take your pick.”
Responded a squeak,
Its ears gave a tweak.
The magician was no fool,
The rabbit was his tool.
“At least mine can change,
You might as well have mange.”
He gave a stern reply.
He looked the rabbit in the eye.
“Your sarcasm is innate,
For you it’s just too late.”
The rabbit gave a grin,
And rubbed his little chin.
“Personality is not a flaw,
It can open any door.
What you lack is wit,
And I have plenty of it.
I also carry charm,
It doesn’t do any harm.
I also have a lady,
Your love life is shady.
Now don’t call me crazy,
But you are a little lazy.”
The magician sat offended,
To his wounds he attended.
“This is what I mean!
You’re a bully in every scene!
This isn’t very funny,
You cruel little bunny!”
The magician wiped his eyes,
Much to his own surprise.
In came his mother,
The two looked at each other.
“I thought I already knew,
But who are you talking to?”
The mother looked dazed.
The rabbit was amazed.
“I am talking to my pet.”
The magician began to sweat.
The rabbit made no sound.
Merely hopped along the ground.
The mother shrugged and went,
Not knowing what he meant.
“You made me look insane!
You’re messing with my brain!”
The rabbit smiled widely,
He was not one to sit idly.
“Oh you are a silly muppet!
But you are the perfect puppet.”

Trish has always enjoyed escaping reality, now she invites you to join her.

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