A poem on the subject of loyalty, disloyalty, and some other things. Contains content which may offend.

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Loyalty lives up my arse
A fetid lump of death
An acrid stench of hatred and rage
Like a bad penny covered in shame
The size of Godzilla
A turtle dancing atop a mountain of Mars bars
Blood red, the colour of my soul
The mews of a dying dream
It moves between us like a snake stalks a child
Golly gosh Mister, that’s a big sword you have in your pants
Down into the pit of despair I call my heart
Its only friend is its shame
Summer, I fucking hate summer
It hates me, you, and everything in between
The baby Jesus
When the sun crosses over the blood-drenched moon of Saturn
The perfect storm

David Chitty was born and raised in Thanet in the 90s. He devotes most of his energies to writing fantasy fiction novels.

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