Little Giant Duckling

Little Giant, in that most magical forest, proves that he has a very big heart indeed when he meets a duckling.

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Here comes little Giant
Cheerful and free
He’s skipping along quite merrily
Along a brook, but what does he see
Three little foxes, a piglet and a pup
Playing happily

With nowhere to hide and as big as a tree
The Giant gets spotted immediately
The startled kiddies, their tails in hand
Start running and screaming, as fast as they can
Frantically fleeing, escaping the scene
Until there is nobody left to be seen

“That’s right little critters, get out while you can
A Giant has come and is stalking the land!
A head-start you get while I count up to 20
But then I’ll start looking and find you aplenty.”

Just at that moment a duckling appears
And swims to the shore, for the Giant to hear:
“Poor little Giant, I’ve seen what they’ve done
A glimpse of your frame and off they do run!”

“I too feel lonely, with no one to play
The other animals just don’t want to stay!
With peace and kindness I float on the streams
But don’t have the figure for friendship it seems!”

“They laugh and they rib and they goad and they chide me
Oh how I would love to be treated more kindly!”
“Perhaps on a day such as this we could be
Playing together as friends, you and me!”

“Playing together as friends you and me?
A duckling with a grown-up Giant-to-be!
I’m big and I’m fearless and frightening too
Just look around and you’ll see that it’s true
A mighty warrior with prowess and might
I’ll squish and I’ll squash all that dare cross my sight!”

“Big you are and strong, that is true!
With hands that could squash me and turn me to stew
A fine grown-up Giant one day you will make
But have you ever considered a more ‘permanent’ playing mate?”

“It’s true, I am not all that much to look at
With short legs, a tail and arms that do flap
But one day you will be able to say
I do have a friend and he decided to stay.”

The three little foxes, a piglet and a pup
Have been listening intently and slowly crept up
Not sure what to make of this curious scene
They’ve abandoned their posts and come up to glean

“Now look what you’ve done, you lake-swimming bird
With your caring thoughts and your sensible words!
You’ve ruined our game of hide and of seek
The critters have crept up to venture a peek.”

“You mean to tell me you are their friend
And don’t want to eat them with lavish intent!
I must admit you have me confused
I feel slightly faint but mostly bemused.”

“What’s happening here?” the piglet erupts!
“You can’t play with him!” exclaims the pup!
“He’s slow and he waddles,” adds one of the Foxes
“He talks too much and is highly obnoxious.”

“You shouldn’t be throwing with them really long words
Can’t you see that your attitude stinks and it hurts?
So what if he’s slow and talks all day
What right do you have to treat him this way?”

“From this day forth I shall decree
That ducklings are part of this woodland you see
And have every right to partake in our game
If you disagree then it’s you who are lame.”

“Now all of you run off and hide as quick as a dart
I’ve lost my count and have to re-start.
One thing’s for certain, even Duckling you will see
When it comes to chasing I am the best as can be
And none of you smarty-pants better disagree.”

Off they went and fun they had
And peace had been restored in that
Most magical woodland.

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