Little Bird

Meeting someone new, being excited and afraid but wanting to explore together.

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Little bird, sweet bird
O where have you been?
Tell me the love and the lies
You have seen
Show me the world
That has flown
Beneath your wings,
Little bird, brave bird,
Come have a drink

When by grace, you landed
My breath it did stop,
For I not seen such beauty,
Since time I forgot
You flew to my world,
Whereas others had vanished
Perched in my soul
And mended the damage

O sweet bird, kind bird,
We can all be a little lost,
As we search for the warmth
To replace the cold frost,
There are many layers and places
That we keep protected,
For fear and experience,
Tells us they are neglected,

Little bird, free bird
We have not touch a drop,
The oceans are still flowing
From the vast mountain tops,
Bring me sweet wings
We can explore the earth,
Then lay down at night
Under stars, wonders birth

Gary has lived in Kent all his life and recently took up writing poetry in 2016.

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