Lee of the Cliff

A poem about protection as the young explore the ever changing world and the destruction and beauty within.

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She awaits the warm air breeze,
Her gaze alight the horizon tease,
Holding breath deep within small lungs
Prompt response to cries of young

Slicing through the surprise of air
She elongates with ease of flair
Passing through tunnels of rock
Her duty begins to find her flock

Landing by a gaggle of trees,
A quarry emptied needlessly
Taking the time to survey the lay,
The soaring sun, shadows the way

Distant chirps echoes aloud,
In every direction, she settles thou
The cries grow louder, she starts to panic
Lifts her wings, flaps fast and frantic

Climbs the invisible staircase skies
Changing direction with focused eyes
Her spirit dictates which way to travel
Taking in cues, as the clues unravel

A darkened valley lays narrow ahead,
Determined steel, she dips her head
Sweeps down fast and keeps low flight
The air is coolest, the light less bright

Echoes of sound swamp her ears,
As the flock circles a needing deer
Singing songs, to bring help for thee
She goes forth and whips the Calvary

They come in droves, with widened arc
Intent on the rescue before it’s dark
The animal kingdom, nor beauty lean
Waking thy instincts seldom seen

To the unknown, a look so random,
A spirit bonds and works in tandem,
Headed by her warble and cheeps
The deer is saved, amid soaring heat

Dusk approaches, the flock head back
Leading lady charged, keeping track,
They land together, prompt and swift
Safety in numbers at the Lee of the Cliff.

Gary has lived in Kent all his life and recently took up writing poetry in 2016.

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