Kisses on a Beach

A poem inspired by the beauty in the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline.

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Such summer bliss,
The sea kissing the beach,
I remember kisses on a beach,
Some real—salty and quickening,
Others imagined—unrequited and wistful,
The August light,
Attached to a girl,
Brown hair glowing auburn,
Sun-kissed skin,
Light clothes and goose-bumps,
Cider fuelled ardour, kisses
Under a fiery sunset,
Dusk cooling the still air,
The wicked curfew,
The day slipping away,
From promise and possibility,
Adding the ache of lost time,
To love’s sweet pain,
Autumn approaches too soon,
The autumn of life rushes on,
How many kisses on a beach are left?

James is a pseudonym for a local writer who, after a long hiatus, is exploring poetry again.

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