I Wish I Was a Moth

A poem that found light, even when I could not. Contains themes which some may find upsetting.

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© 2016 Chalk Castle Arts / Used With Permission

I wish I could take a deep breath and overdose on air,
I wish I could fix myself, fixed beyond repair.
I wish I could mean something when saying nowt,
I wish I could lean on blades and bleed right out.
I wish I could lie, lie down and suffocate on truth,
I wish I could break hearts without leaving proof.
I wish I could search for what’s yet to be lost,
I wish I could be free, no matter the cost.
I wish I could scream so loud it wakes the night,
I wish I was a moth, approaching candlelight.

Sometimes she writes. Sometimes she doesn’t. Either way, she’s not doing what she’s supposed to be doing.

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