A poem musing where the Earth touches the Sky.

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© 2015 Flash Totty / Used With Permission

How intimate
a feather touch can be,
brushing the length of my arm
settling on loosely entwined fingers.

The emerald flecks in your eyes,
are the gravity keeping me grounded.
You are the Earth to my Sky –
a home.
And then…


A stilling breath between that first kiss.
time stops for everything
except an overworked heart
a hummingbird beat in my ear.

Arms contract to pull me in,
lost in our own black hole,
a summers warmth circles around us,
winding around us, until we are moulded as one.

In the hopes we are stitched together,
never to part.

A recent Creative Writing graduate, Suzi Woolley has returned back to her roots to soak up the inspiration Thanet has to offer.

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