He Who Exists

A poem about looking forward, written whilst looking back.

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© 2015 Flash Totty / Used With Permission

When I was young
I didn’t believe in the boogieman
I didn’t believe in a superman
I believed in you.

I spent my time watching life go by
And learning what was true
My fears were what I thought they’d be
And all I feared was you.

The lonely man tells his stories
On the back of his hand
Lines guiding his path
A curse of how he lives his life
And how he lived his past.

I’m sorry that you never got to see
The girl behind the face
The happy times
The tragedies
Growing gracefully with age
There’ll always be a space
For you to sit and hold my hand
But time has passed us by
Distance honours no man’s land.

He who exists lives a lonely one
The great oak watching the years go by
And sad it might be
But very true
I have and will always love you.

Amy Taylor is a Kent based photographer.

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