A poem about temporary, unrequited love.

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Do I love you?
Or the idea of loving you?
Do I love you?
Or the way you make me feel
Unrequited love’s delicious pain?
Do I love you?
Or the memory of us,
A frisson archived in songs and sensations.

I love the idea of loving you,
Passion burning magnesium bright,
But would I love you if I could?
If the barriers between us were none,
Love possible but life too real,
Would I love you?

I love how you make me feel, still,
The memory of you,
The idea of us,
I love how my heart races
When I glimpse your essence,
Our timing was wrong,
Momentum misaligned.

Patience, perhaps, one day,
I can love

James is a pseudonym for a local writer who, after a long hiatus, is exploring poetry again.

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