Give Me Tomorrow

A musing on the boring and mundane with a view to what the future might hold.

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give me tomorrow
and let me cast aside today
into the fog
let me erase every hour
every minute
every second
from existence
so my mind is once again
a blank slate
let me rub out every error
every wrong turn
every thoughtless remark
let me wash away those sins
those thoughts
and deeds
into the inky cavern
of my subconscious
let me rewind
back to the start
let me erase myself
from the page
let me be reborn
let me cast off this skin
like a spent shirt
let me be free
of this bullshit
so I may walk in scented fields
of meadow flowers
far from here
give me tomorrow
and I will give you this day

Published queer author, blogger and historical crime enthusiast.

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