Friend Zone

When you love your friend, and they love you too, but not like that.

The 10 commandments of friendship:
I will never come onto you.
I will never let our hands linger longer than they need to.
I will not stroke your arm to get your attention.
I will not breathe you in as we hug.
I will never wonder what you are up to, or what you are thinking about when you’re not here.
I will never think about the shape of your lips, how they would feel against mine.
I do not think of us in bed together.
I do not daydream about what our lives could be.
I am not jealous of your boyfriend…
I will never seek existence, just to hold you.

Born into this world crying. ‘Good’ the Dr say. She is alive. And this defines her life. Aware of the Zeitgeist, but always from the outside.

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