Do You Know What the Light Is?

The creation of fictional worlds told in verse.

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There was never a beginning,
There will never be an end;
In all we do we’re singing
And trying to pretend.

Can you imagine a little ball of light,
Moving through nothing,
Shining beautifully?

The little ball of light has a secret.
The little ball of light is everything,
But does not know it is everything.

After time, the little ball of light came to a mirror, an edge, an end to nothing.
The little ball of light saw itself;
It saw everything.
It found itself in everything.

The little ball of light touched the mirror.
It touched itself;
It felt good.

The mirror shattered into an infinite number of pieces creating everything.
Between everything and nothing an end is created.

Chris Shepherd is new to the wider writing community in Thanet, writing songs, poems and short stories.

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