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Diary, why are we subject to these feelings
inside and out?

I have lied and often not,
to write in you I cannot untie the knots
but jot down notes I haven’t forgotten.

Too many feelings wrapped up inside.
It’s why I write in you day-in and day-out.

Too much of this feeling and that one
and too many sums on these feelings.

The meanings are too strong to have locked inside
so that is why I have my diary; to help my mind
not become totally misunderstood.

To think inside my head and soul,
to find what I might have lost,
to look inside at what I have.
Right into my diary;
I write the feelings of mine that
I think need helping.

I confess, my mind likes circles
circling around the mundane.

The riots I cannot describe
undecided feelings,
bent and cast into cement!
I cried,

only to write a river of words about it,
about what my feelings meant

because I heard that you can also bully words;
that life is so much better around hers.

Jessica has been writing short stories, prose and poetry since she was 9 years old, including the book A Verse On Life.

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