Deadman’s Island

Sorry sights you will find if you dare step foot on Deadman’s Island.

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On Deadman’s Island you may find
green bones shaded with time,
mossy shadows morphing
to illuminated lime.
Step carefully, you must be brave
to tread upon on a dead man’s grave.
Be vigilant, have watchful eye,
listen for a black hawk’s cry.

Be careful not to linger
if you find an ancient finger,
I’ve heard that some ghosts roam
near the cream bubbling foam.

They find themselves
a long way from home
repenting their sins.
Even hindering
other souls from resting,
disturbing birds nesting.
Beware, if you dare with dread
On Deadman’s lonely island, tread.

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Valerie Tyler, a retired holistic practitioner, is keen to share messages of awareness and positivity through art and creative writing.

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