Coffee Shop Girl

A poem about finding hope, on a bleak day, in an unlikely place.

On that dark day, when,
The cloak of learned independence,
Provided little shelter,
And solitude became loneliness,
Succour came from an unlikely place:
The girl in the coffee shop!

An incidental vector,
Banishing loneliness,
Like a star shell,
Bright and transient,
Crema to life’s acidity,
Warm smile,
Espresso eyes,
Cappuccino skin and waterfall hair,
Italian optimism with Italian coffee,
Overcame circadian bitterness.

It wasn’t love,
Or lust,
Just the joy of kindness,
And appreciation,
Pleased to be together,
For a few minutes in retail ritual,
That suggested,
If she was pleased to see me,
Then may be you would be too?
And there lies hope.

James is a pseudonym for a local writer who, after a long hiatus, is exploring poetry again.

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