A poem from the female perspective of a controlling and toxic relationship.

He said she was broken
He could fix her
A complicated puzzle only he knew how to crack
She trusted his face
Didn’t know he wore a mask
Couldn’t feel the knife cutting in her back

He said she was a puppet
She listened
He painted her with pity and disdain
She had to atone
For the sins in her past
He tugged her strings and she suffered the pain

His stories were all lies
She didn’t notice
He got so good they believed every last one
She was his problem
A mess he had to clean
He aimed for her head and she steadied the gun

He moulded and shaped
A master craftsman
Sculpted her into what he thought she should be
He chipped and he scraped
He peeled her away
Until all that was left of her was me

Rebecca Delphine is a Young Adult author from Thanet.

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