Beyond the Storm

Looking out from a prison cell.

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The door closes and triggers that reflex.
Immediately I want to go out.
It’s sunny today, but for all I care
it could be the middle of winter.
My heart’s desire is to squint in the wind and shiver in the rain.
Feel my skin in the sun and my toes burning in the snow.

But I can’t.

From out of my window the scenery is beautiful,
yet it seems so far away.
Soon, we’ll be remembering these days
When this is all over
go fill your lungs with sea air. Lick the rain from your lips.
Enjoy the freezing weather and share it all. Share it all.
Because, for my penance, I have many years to go.

She has always loved writing, has published fiction, non-fiction and poetry and hopes that her words have made at least one person smile.

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