Be Quiet

A poem about the blindness often found within a controlling relationship.

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Spend a lot of time standing on my hands
I like to see you the wrong way round
Cos the only way I can make you smile
Is to look at you upside down

     Be quiet
     Don’t do that
     Stop eating
     Don’t lie

My friends don’t come around anymore
But their whispers reach my ear
They say if you weren’t screwing with my mind
I might see things a little more clear

     Be quiet
     Don’t listen
     I love you
     Don’t speak

No right to moan and no legs to stand on
I gave you your paper crown
I’ve got one too, a gag over my mouth
Because you tethered it too far down

     Be quiet
     Don’t touch me
     I’m sorry
     Don’t cry

Rebecca Delphine is a Young Adult author from Thanet.

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