Amazing Pace

A commentary on modern technology, social media, and the rate of advancement.

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We create technology
Until technology recreates us.
It’s wrong to avoid biology
And let autonomy judge, love, and trust.
Windows 10 reading kids’ smiles
While Google sees all that we know.
Messages sent electronically,
Through cables they all flow.
Birthday greetings through Facebook
From close friends we’ve never met.
Our fear is they seem to understand
Your hurt, your fear and regrets.
Gadgets supersede gadgets
For gadgets aren’t built to last.
An app that tracks the beat of my heart
And another to wipe my arse.
There were digital watches when I was a kid
Displaying seconds, time, and date.
In silver and gold from a market stall
With a light that always breaks.
We have bits and bytes evolving into mega terras,
IT fellas fixing syntax errors
Downloading upgrades they want to sell us.
Automation stole villages of hard workers devout.
Completely replaced by machinery,
Their existence since wiped out.
With robots replacing conscious thought
As drones control our airspace.
Soon no need to be human
To be part of the human race.
Necessity is the mother of invention,
But that’s not necessarily true.
People Skyping on Facetime
When only a hug will do.
Our language is being butchered
So texting can always be fast.
We’ve looked too far to the future
When we forget we’ve had a past.

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Poet Stefan Gambrell, also known as the Neanderthal Bard, has been tearing it a new arsehole for the last few years.

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