Looking ahead to better times.

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Revisit these shores,
dip your toes in the cobalt waters,
as the sun showers you,
with hot, sticky kisses,
rejoice in this time;
lying beneath the battling heat,
feel exhausted,
but as your aches subside
with the karmic rapture
that exudes from your centre
float on each gentle wave
with only fingertips
coupling you
to the ebb and flow,
let the tide slowly carry you
further into the cerulean scape
where empty sky and clear ocean
are indistinguishable,
find these still waters
a comfort, a companion,
as you release yourself
and acquiesce
with a contented sigh.

N Godsell has stared at blank white pages since the angsty teenage years, occasionally marring them with black scribbles and dark thoughts.

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