Acts of Random Kindness

In a world seemingly obsessed by things, kindness is sometimes sneered at, yet the world is full of kindness.

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Gandhi, King and Teresa, said to be good,
Helping others in brotherhood.
Act with kindness to others we must,
With purpose and motives, implicitly trust.

When an old lady to meet simple needs
Without enough money can only concede.
Remove some items, push them away
From our pocket with kindness, cause them to stay.

Our elderly folk found dead in their room.
For weeks, months and years alone in that tomb.
It saddens my heart that lives left unfed
Are abandoned alone to rot in their bed.

Neglect and decay, dependence on spin,
Form government, children inherit their sin.
Real people are we—together we must
Take action to raise ourselves from the dust.

Luxury goods are thrown onto our screen.
Drowning in debt, APRs are obscene
Shoes of the Choo, Gucci, Armani
Wearing you down like a great army.

From iPod to iPad with each generation,
Conspire to enslave every nation.
Spend, you must spend, never ceasing,
Make profits, give status, the yoke is increasing.

Bankruptcy and debt await the poor fool
On merry a ride, a gullible tool.
Labels, must-haves, for no other reason.
Adverts suggest “you’re so out of season.”

The programs you watch, designed. It is clear.
To fill you with dread, keep living in fear.
The world is in chaos; your life is in doubt.
Trusting the screen, your only way out.

Opium comes in many a form;
Watch programs on TV, safe from the storm,
X-Factor suggests stardom awaits.
Your total debasement will open the gates.

I have no respect for corpocracy shallow,
Reserve it instead for my flesh and blood fellow.
Sixty-six billion to banks most evil.
One more six to make them the devil.

For champagne, fast cars, a bonus they crave
While modern-day heroes race to their grave.
Monetary value of souls do endanger
The mission to save, that child of the manger.

Acts of random kindness just might be
Salvation of man, can you not see?
Showing kindness to others must be own aim,
Not fortunes, luxury goods or fame.

Do something of value with your life;
Assist another—relieve their strife.
Pay it forward, the good dead you gave
To others in need, a chain will be made.

Spreading kindness should be our goal.
A place for friendship in every soul,
A gift, a kind word is all that it takes.
Sail this ark and see the difference you make.

A naive novice not necessarily needing a notable nirvana of noise.

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