A Giant Name

Little Giant finds out that he must give himself a name, for that is Giant tradition. Easier said than done, it would seem.

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Little Giant is carefully watching
His Giant father, an axe is clutching
He’s swinging it high and chopping some wood
For feeding the fire that warms up the cave real good.

“Daddy, please tell me, but what is my name?
My friends all know theirs when we’re playing a game
Whenever they call me they say ‘Little Giant’
But never a name such as Gary or Bryant!”

The father is swinging and fully committed
The axe splits the wood with no error permitted
He doesn’t look up and he doesn’t react
His focus is kept on the job and that’s that.

“The stars all have names, at least that’s what I’m told,
So pretty and shiny at night to behold.
So too do the Forests and Mountains of old,
Why even our fingers all lined up and plump
There’s ‘Pinky’ and then ‘Ring,’ ‘Middle,’ ‘Index’ and ‘Thumb’!

“Of course, then there’s the toes, not sure what’s their name?
Or maybe like fingers but on the feet, it’s the same!
Wow, so many question I just need to ask
This growing up business; it is quite a task!

“Why do I dream almost every night?
How does a kite go left and right?
Why are there hairs inside my nose?
Why do we always stub our toes?
Why do birds sing loudest in the Spring?
And why do bells go ring-a-ding-ding?

“I see those stars shine bright at night
And fade away with morning light
The earth is flat as we all know
And seasons come and seasons go.

“And every day I keep on growing, gaining height
But not my clothes, they seem to shrink and just get tight!
So many questions, my head is in pain
But one thing’s for sure,
Find my name, I must do all the same!”

The Giant Dad is done and has chopped enough
He lowers the axe and sits down, with a great big huff.
“My dear little boy, my, look how you’ve grown
And look how you’ve started thinking for your own.

“A million questions in your brain
And instant answers you hope to gain
But, you should not try to learn them all that quick
For you must grow and gain knowledge bit by bit.

“What I can tell you, if it’s all the same
Now that you have reached the time
Asking the questions is a definite sign
That you have gained the right to give yourself your name!

“You see, we Giants believe that fundamentally
A name is a reflection of who you are and want to be
Rather than given to you at birth
Before you have had time to grow
And understand your own true worth!”

“You mean to say that I can choose!
But then I haven’t got a minute to lose
A name to pick from an endless list
But how to decide as so many exist.”

Little Giant runs around and spends all day
Umm-ing and aah-ing, the names firing away
From ‘Aaron’ to ‘Zymon,’ all passing his lips,
Oh my, how his brain is in pain
And his courage soon dips.

The night draws in and he’s getting so tired
Each name sounds great but his judgment is mired
He runs to his father and asks him real quick
“Oh father, I don’t know how anyone can ever pick
I’ve tried all the names but nothing, it seems, will fit.”

“Do you know,” said the father, with a glowing smile,
“I had a sneaky suspicion, it might take a while.
The same happened to me. I tried and I tried but
Try as I might, I just couldn’t decide.

“There is a name, if a suggestion might be brought up
The name is ‘Anak,’ and it’s the one I have come to love best
He was the first of the Giants, of which followed the rest.
For you to bear it would make me proud and most certainly
To you, bring fortune and luck.”

“Then it is decided, the name shall be mine.
‘Anak’, ‘Anak’, oh my, it does sound certainly fine!”
Little Giant, still yawning had crawled into bed
His father had tucked him in and kissed him on his head

“Daddy, I am happy I finally managed to choose my name
Much better than one that is given it seems!”
Daddy Giant smiled, got up and blew out the flame.
“That’s right my Anak. Time to sleep. Have wonderful dreams.”

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